Been Up So Long It Looks Like Down To Me: The Micros Play The Blues

MARLBORO – Live at The Falcon on Thursday, Apr. 6 at 7:oo p.m. performance is a CD release for the band’s “Been Up So Long It Looks Like Down To Me: The Micros Play The Blues”.

Richard Dworkin (drums), David Hofstra (bass), Phillip Johnston (soprano saxophone), Mike Hashim (tenor saxophone), Dave Sewelson (baritone saxophone), Don Davis (alto saxophone), Joel Forrester (piano)

The Microscopic Septet – considered one of the most unique bands to come out of the New York Downtown scene of the 1980s – could not suit a single category.

The Micros have distinguished themselves as a raucously fun, musically adept, and wickedly clever jazz band. A brilliant blend of fresh-sounding ideas, orchestrations, and inspired soloing, topped by a unique combination of swing, energy, and humor that DownBeat Magazine recently described as “seminal, brilliant post-modern jazz.”

Never limited to jazz alone, they reward even casual listeners with tasty bits of klezmer, Latin, R&B, tango, and tributes to pop entertainment ranging from silent comedy through big-screen melodrama, with stops at Warner Brothers cartoons and B-movie camp along the way. Unencumbered by the humorless purism of uptown jazz critics, audiences quickly recognized what the former took decades to see: music this eclectic doesn’t require a cap and gown to appreciate it.

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