Andy Stack’s American Soup at The Falcon Underground

MARLBORO – On Thursday, Apr. 6 at The Falcon Underground Andy Stack will perform with Jesse Murphy and Michael Bram at 8:00 p.m.

Andy Stack/Guitar, Jesse Murphy/Bass, Michael Bram/Drums.

“Andy Stack’s American Soup” freewheels through American Classics from Duke Ellington to Hank Williams.

As leader and a solo artist, Stack’s approach to songwriting, guitar playing and singing is sweeping. He generates creative expression with broad strokes. He builds momentum with nuance, but he comes at you with a full-throttle approach that lifts you up and places you back down gently.

Stack knows when to apply pressure. And he knows when to take his foot off the gas pedal. He gives it all a gentle nudge with a little swing, as he combines old-school sensibility with a contemporary edge.

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PleasantvilleMusicFestival2008.313 joniSaturday, July 9 Parkway Field in Pleasantville is going be rocking. Thousands of friends, families and lovers of live, world-class rock, setting out their chairs, blankets and tents, going up to the stage and dancing.

Rock, blues, and roots. Singer/songwriters and slide guitarists. Bands that have dominated the airwaves and bands that are just breaking in. All brought to one place by dedicated Pleasantville music fans and our expert friends at 107.1 the Peak. That’s what you get every year at the Pleasantville Music Festival.

Food and drink, a beer & wine garden for the adults, fun activities to keep the kids happy, and a zero-waste program to keep the Earth happy. Plus stuff to buy, charities to learn about, and a warm, positive backyard vibe.

All combined with world-class headliners, breakout stars and local artists you need to know, hand-picked and brought to the stages by dedicated music fans.

Not to mention the dedication of hundreds of volunteers and our long-standing Exclusive Broadcast Sponsor, 107.1 the Peak.

It’s New York’s Backyard Jam. Music submissions are now open. For more information, contact

PleasantvilleMusicFestival2014455 pleasanville music kis PleasantvilleMusicFestival2014209 PleasantvilleMusicFestival2013.248 Pleasantville+Music+Festival+JPGs-41 PleasantvilleMusicFest2007.283 PleasantvilleMusicFestival2013.195

Pleasantville Music Festival 2015 Westchester Medical Center Main Stage, Gin Blossoms Copyright Marina Piedade

Pleasantville Music Festival 2015
Westchester Medical Center Main Stage, Gin Blossoms
Copyright Marina Piedade

pleasantville music festival stage 2



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