Stone Temple Pilots Talk Replacing Scott Weiland

Of all the surviving bands from the initial alternative rock explosion of the 1990’s, perhaps none have experienced a more tumultuous career than the Stone Temple Pilots, who experienced many breakups over the past three decades before finally firing their frontman Scott Weiland in 2013.

After Weiland was replaced by Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, the troubled frontman experienced even more of a downward spiral and unfortunately passed away in 2015; since then, the band confirmed that Chester Bennington had also parted with the band on amicable terms and are currently searching for a new frontman.

Though many fans think the band should hang it up and change their name, the surviving members of the group are still adamant on finding a new frontman going forward.

As transcribed by Alternative Nation, guitarist Dean Deleo said, “We had some great success [with Chester Bennington], the last tour we did was a sold out tour, everything was great. It’s a big change, there are some devout fans that were very displeased with the firing of Scott. We didn’t bring that on. This industry is interesting, because I don’t know if any other industry that condones not showing up, and drug use, and it’s glorified. I don’t know any other place of business where I can go do that. It just got to the point where it was just ruining everything, personally, professionally. So when Chester came in, we knew what we were up against, the time constraints, and low and behold it reared its ugly head. We knew awhile back that we weren’t getting all that we wanted.”

Bassist Robert Deleo continued: “Well, we did that [performing under another name with Talk Show], we did that. We did Army of Anyone with Richard Patrick, and Ray Luzier on drums. That’s not what this is, we want this to be Stone Temple Pilots. We want it to be the three members of Stone Temple Pilots with another singer moving forward. That’s what we want to do.”