Sebastian Bach rocks The Chance Theater


It was a brisk night in Poughkeepsie, but that didn’t stop the fans from lining up an hour early at the legendary Chance Theater for Saturday’s Sebastian Bach show.

The night began with a performance from the young, local Amanda Ayala, who delivered a solid performance, despite some technical difficulties. Next up was Poughkeepsie’s Retrofeelya, who delivered a solid set of fast paced rock and roll. Vocalist, Eric Dalton’s onstage antics got the growing crowd pumped up and ready for the night.

The final act before Bach’s arrival was two bands in one. Big Guns, led by the Chance Theater’s owner, Frank Pallet, who rocked the now sold out crowd, not once, but twice. First, handling the lead vocals, was Kevin Davis, delivering a hard rocking set, before turning the mic over to the beautiful and talented, Rachel Lorin. Big Guns revved up the packed house with some Dio, AC DC, Led Zeppelin and some tasteful originals, before turning the show over to the headlining act.

Sebastian Bach and his band took the stage and the sold out crowd exploded into a collective roar for the returning former Skid Row frontman. Appropriately, just hours before Jimi Hendrix’s birthday, they opened with a classy rendition of “Little Wing” with Brent Woods tearing up the guitar and Rob DeLuca pounding the bass. The more than adequately fired up crowd was ready to rock- but Bach was not. Not yet, anyway. First, a fairly mellow tune, Breaking Down” to get the ravenous crowd ready… But then, a very mellow country song, “One More Battle With The Bottle”, penned by Bach, for the reality show, Gone Country.

Ok. Now??? Yes, now! Finally, the crowd gets a taste of what it came for, as the intro to “18 and Life” begins. Next up, “I Remember You” and a rocking selection of other Skid Row classics. Sebastian’s voice was nearly as good as it was when he rocked The Chance for the first time, twenty nine years ago. He kept the crowd entertained with his fast talking rock and roll banter and by surpassing the required number of shout outs to Poughkeepsie throughout the night.

The highlight of the night was when Bach introduced the original and “only real” drummer for Skid Row, Rob Affuso and they blasted out img_9014“Rattlesnake Shake” to an ecstatic crowd. Affuso returned the sticks to the very competent Bobby Jarzombek, as they got down to Monkey Business.

The band played “Youth Gone Wild” and a surprising choice of Rush’s Tom Sawyer before closing the show with AC/DC’s “TNT.” Overall, the band was tight and Bach was on top of his game and the crowd left happy and sufficiently rocked for the night. The only thing missing was cans of Aqua Net left in the bathroom and stiletto heels… maybe next time! ┬áBy Lynne Versaci