Prince’s Estate may Strike Diminished Chord for Family

 WAPPINGERS FALLS – More and more people are claiming they are Prince’s heirs and entitled to the late artist’s millions.  Documents filed this week with the Minnesota court handling Prince’s estate could suggest he had more secret children, unknown brothers and sisters, and distant cousins than anyone imagined.  Prince has one full sister and a half-dozen known half-siblings or their descendants.  He did not have a will.  Prince’s estate could be worth as much as 300-million dollars.  The 57-year-old legendary artist died at his compound near Minneapolis on April 21st.

Now the question is…”What happens to his estate?”   Attorney Tony DeFazio tells us what could happen with an estate worth millions and no clear direction of how the estate’s future worth will be handled.

Additionally, Warner Brothers has released Prince’s 1985 album “Around the World in a Day” on vinyl yesterday.  The company says it plans to release one or two albums on vinyl every month, in the order they were recorded.  Warner Brothers says the project to reissue the late artist’s biggest albums on vinyl was going forward before he died two months ago.  The rest of the legendary musician’s albums can be pre-ordered on Amazon and other retail websites.  Prince’s music appears to be bigger than ever.  Six-hundred-fifty-thousand of his albums sold in the four days after his April 21st death.

Portions of this segment was shot inside of Alto Music in Wappingers Falls.