Paula’s Public House Rocked with local Musicians!


What better way to start the month of December, I thought as I decided to treat myself to dinner and great music at the newly opened Paula’s Public House. “Renovated” does not seem to be the proper word to describe the transformation that has taken place at the bar formerly known as Mulligan’s. Tonight, the immaculate, yet warm Gastropub was featuring three of the most popular and talented club performers in the fri-state area- Trisha and Joe Pallo of ‘The Differents’ and local guitar virtuoso, Vito Petroccitto. I knew I had to get there early to beat the crowd, but much to my surprise, it was packed and standing room only when I arrived at 7:30.

The recently opened, Paula’s, has gotten a bunch of five star reviews already and I could immediately see why. The first thing I’ll tell you is that I highly recommend it Paula’s for delicious food in a fun, cozy atmosphere.

The crowd was energized from the get-go as they enjoyed the inspired vocals of Trisha Pallo. Trisha has been belting out classic rock, modern pop and everything in between for some time now, but she still manages to make every performance new, inspired and unique, while adding her percussive talents, as well. Her husband, Joe handles the guitar work with precision and feeling and he also has a voice that compliments his wife’s like no one else could. Harmonies this good can only be created by a couple that has true chemistry together. As if that wasn’t enough, the couple was joined by local real life guitar hero, Vito Petroccitto. Vito has been the core of several long running bands, as well as a crowd pleasing solo performer for many years.

The audience got crazy when Trisha exploded into Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love.’ I’ve never heard a version of this song performed so well, as Trisha’s vocals tore through the room like a razor sharp knife, through a sheet of paper floating in the air. Joe’s stadium worthy guitar work really rounded out the tune. They also did some nice selections by Stevie Nicks, LA Kings, X’s and O’s and Melissa Etheridge. One of the highlights of the night was a passionate and soulful rendition of Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Going On.’ The guitars definitely complemented her singing as did the beautiful harmonies.

Vito performed ‘ Wagon Wheel’ which is currently a popular country song that just gets the crowd dancing and singing. His voice is smooth like butter to match his fantastic guitar playing.

At one point they slowed it down with Bonnie Raitt’s, ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me.’ The couples in attendance danced along as if they were the only ones in the room. The emotion was so raw that you could feel it.

After that Vito picked the pace back up with Johnny Cash’s, ‘Ring Of Fire.’ The crowd clapped, sang and danced as Vito did this song with so much feeling and energy that it not only enhanced the mood of the night, but it pushed it right over the top.

As each song came and went, they took me and the entire room on an emotional roller coaster for the entire night. Each song was better than the next and i never knew what direction they would take me in next. Either way, it was one hell of a ride and a fantastic show!

If you’re looking for fun, soulful, raw, yet refined talent, I definitely recommend going to see Trish and The Differents anytime they are out- with or without their full band. You might even be lucky enough to catch them with Vito Petroccitto. They are all great, seasoned musicians, that have mastered their craft. They know how to have a great time and please the crowd.

You will not be disappointed.

By: Lynne Versaci