Metallica & Slayer Fans Should Check Out DARK AFTER DAWN

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Hailing from Orange County, metal act Dark After Dawn are blazing into 2017 with a brand new lineup and single to boot. Titled “Purgatory”, the track sounds like a classic metal track in every sense. The band are one of the most ambitious metal acts of the area, and have really hit the mark with this new lineup, wearing their influences yet possessing a sound totally of their own.

I recently spoke with frontman and rhythm guitarist Maruf Kamal, discussing recent developments in the band and what to expect in the future.

Check out “Purgatory” below and read on for Maruf’s thoughts!

Can you give me a little history of the band and its lineup?

I’m the only original member of the band left… I wrote the EP. For this song, “Purgatory”, there was the original demo with our initial guitarist, Adam Heubach. After he left, we redid it as part of an E.P. with our second guitarist, Martin. Now with our new lineup, the whole E.P. is being rerecorded as an album. Now, we have Connor Koch on bass, Conor Daly on lead guitar, and John Zambito on drums. I like to consider Conor Daly our original guitarist since he joined on the E.P. and recorded some solos.

But this line up is way different. It’s more like a band than it was back then. I’m working with really good friends of mine and dedicated musicians, we really push each other creatively.

What is “Purgatory” about? When can we expect the full album? 

Everyone has their own interpretation of it! Whatever it means to you. And that is to be determined, but expect in your face heavy songs and strong lyrical content!

Who are some of your main influences?

Metallica, Trivium, Slayer, Kreator, Lamb of God, Sepultura, Dissection. This is between all of us. We have been compared to Slayer meets Machine Head.

What are some of your favorite shows you have played? 

We have some good shows under our belt, like with Havok, Nekrogoblikon, Battlecross, black fast, Metal Church, Starkill.

Favorite local venues? 

The Loft in Poughkeepsie is pretty cool. That’s one. That, and The Belfry in Staten Island.

Finally, any other local acts that deserve notice? 

Vision Serpent, Everwar, Feed the Addiction, & St. Maria are all awesome.