John Densmore And Robby Krieger Of The Doors Reunite

Years of hostility between surviving Doors members John Densmore and Robby Krieger (documented in Densmore’s fantastic courtroom memoir, The Doors Unhinged) have officially come to an end as of last night in Venice, California. Celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of The Doors’ debut album in 1967, the Robby Krieger Band and Densmore performed a jammish rendition of the classic L.A. Woman. You can watch the celebration below.

I spoke to John about his book a few years ago and the drama with the remaining band members (Ray Manzarek had sadly passed away some months beforehand). According to Densmore, “I said to Ray and Robby, six months before it was published, that the book would be a very hard pill to swallow. But I made it clear that it had a note in the last chapter saying to them ‘you’re my musical brothers'”.