POUGHKEEPSIE – The music was flowing as the Jazz in the Valley festival landed on the shores of the Hudson for the fifth consecutive year. The gathering of some of the most talented jazz musicians in the business set up in Waryas park with two stages to accommodate all of the bands and musicians assembled for this powerful event.

Image527Jazz in the Valley has been an annual event for the past 16 years, but has made its home in Waryas park for the past five in a row.

Promoted as an afternoon of music and art the concert has since grown into an annual festival, showcasing music performed by world-class musicians, fittingly complemented by breathtaking views of the Hudson River Valley as backdrop.

Jazz in the Valley has an intergenerational programming philosophy. Its programming allows Image530living legends and younger voices to continue to expand the jazz idiom. The festival has introduced artists working in the industry who are outside of the mainstream and for the first time are able to have their voices heard in a public forum. The festival focus is on the music and often includes films and other programming with dialogue addressing issues that impact the art form, the musicians and its audience.

Image528JAZZ IN THE VALLEY also has an educational component. “Behind the Beat: Intro to Jazz”,is a series of workshops conducted in area public schools by featured artists. The program is designed to introduce young people from the region’s underserved areas to jazz music. .