Bruce Springsteen Bashes Donald Trump: ‘Bigotry, Racism, Intolerance’

Bruce Springsteen, fresh off the release of his new memoir Born to Run, was recently interviewed on WTF with Marc Maron, where the rocker passionately disavowed president-elect Donald Trump.

“I’ve felt disgust before, but never the kind of fear that you feel now,” The Boss explained. He has previously endorsed Hillary Clinton.

“It’s as simple as the fear of, is someone simply competent enough to do this particular job? Forget about where they are ideologically. Do they simply have the pure competence to be put in the position of such responsibility?”

“When you let that genie out of the bottle — bigotry, racism, intolerance… they don’t go back in the bottle that easily if they go back in at all,” The Boss explained. “Whether it’s a rise in hate crimes, people feeling they have license to speak and behave in ways that previously were considered un-American and are un-American. That’s what he’s appealing to. My fears are that those things find a place in ordinary, civil society.”

Springsteen still pledged his support for his country. “America is still America. I still believe in its ideals, and I’m going to do my best to play my very, very small part in maintaining those things.”


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Fans Of Exodus & Overkill Should Check Out RÖÄRGH!

Believe it or not, RÖÄRGH is short for RRRRRÖÖÖÖÖÄÄÄÄÄRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!. The band’s name captures the larger than life attitude of its two members, Birdman Dan (who acquired his nickname before Michael Keaton’s Academy Award winning turn) and Robert Muller. The group’s sound is sort of a mesh between thrash metal and death metal, with lyrics covering anything from typical metal subjects to the consumption of fast food.

Read on for a small interview with Birdman, who lays down the band’s history and plans for the near future. You can also listen to their tune “High Impact Death Machine” below.

Who are some of your major influences?

Exodus, Death, Obituary, Overkill, In Flames, Arch Enemy.

What can we expect next from Roargh??

Within the month we will release a single with the same format as the one released in 2013, a lead track, a short B-side, and a re-recording of a song from our first EP. The headpiece will come the form of a lyric video. A few months after, we are planning to update our catalogue with a new CD, which will feature extra content from our last studio session. We hope to build our own shows around this new CD, hand-selecting opening bands as we did in Wallingford, CT last year.

Can you give us a little history of the band?

Originally started when Rob and I attended school at SUNY Binghamton. Was originally gonna be a 7-person band. We struggled to keep a full-lineup together and ended up playing our first show as a two-guitarist band with a backing track when we moved back home to the Hudson Valley. Other members have come and gone throughout the years, but the band has always remained Rob & I. Together we’ve recorded two EPs (A self-titled and ‘Second Helping’), a single from back in 2013, and we’re about to drop a second single. Over the years we’ve played with touring acts such as Blackguard, Kittie, Bonded By Blood, Lazarus A.D., Dying Fetus, Moon Tooth, Lich King.

Who are some of your favorite local bands you’ve played with over the years?

Minotaur’s Redemption, Necroptic Engorgement, Clover, Dead Empires, Exit 17, The Begotten.

Favorite Hudson Valley venues?

Snug Harbor, The Anchor, My Place Pizza, BSP Lounge. The now defunct Pickwick Pub was a fun venue as well.

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What Do You Get When Science And Punk Rock Mix? BILLxNYE.

Republished with permission from the archives of Alternative Nation, article originally by Anthony Carioscia. 

BILLxNYE are a grindcore band from Middletown, New York that combine Neil Degrasse Tyson with Napalm Death. No, seriously. Though a local level act, they have already played with huge name acts such as Noisem, Full of Hell, Aborted and Origin, whose vocalist, Jason Keyser, even proclaimed his love for the band. I recently met up with Nick Jakubowski, lead vocalist and main songwriter, at the Touch Base Bar & Grill in Chester, NY. He told me the unsung story of BILLxNYE. Hail Sagan.

How would you describe your band’s sound?

Grinding noisy wall of harshness! We are essentially a punk band playing grind and noise, all at the same time, and annoying everyone.

Why did you choose to name your band BILLxNYE?

I wanted kind of a tip of the hat to the band Bruce X Campbell. The name immediately reminds you of the band. It’s short and sweet… and its Bill Nye The Science Guy. Who doesn’t like Bill Nye the Science Guy? The name of course also fits the band. We are pro-science and pro-skepticism. It just seemed like a natural progression of what punk ideals should be. As soon as I thought about it that way, it all made sense to me. I realized that science and accepting reality is the most punk rock thing you could do.


A BILLxNYE EP released on mini CD format. Think those Nintendo Gamecube discs.

Any new music on the horizon? If so can you tell us about the upcoming release?

We have been playing alot of new songs recently. We definitely have enough for a new EP We are working on even more new material. Again we are a punk band, don’t have that much money, we are in and out of jobs, so the money to record is not there. We also go back and forth between recording in a studio environment and recording on a *******  tape deck. I personally like raw recordings, but when it comes to recording music, especially the grind songs, people want to hear their grindcore with crystal clear studio production. It’s this thing where half the band wants to record good and the other half is against it, but we do plan on recording another EP in the near future.

Will this new EP be grindcore or noise? I notice you jump back and forth between those genres in your releases.

What happens is when we do mini CDs, we do grind stuff. We also use cassettes for splits, with bands we like. On those we happen to play noise. That way we don’t get stuck doing one thing. I don’t want to get stuck playing one genre and then run the band into the ground. It’s almost like two different projects with the same name.

I notice that you are very well received in this area’s metal, punk and noise scenes. How do you think you caught the interest of these three different music scenes?

Music wise, we are more like a metal band. Our drummer David Gapay is originally from the death metal band Necroptic Engorgement and brings metal technicality to the drums.  We have the mentality of a punk band, punk being the scene I came from, so that just happened naturally. I really enjoy stuff like noise music, avant-garde, experimental and outsider music, so I added elements of that stuff to our sound. I like improvising with noise artists… we let other noise artists hop into our set because it just adds a layer of chaos to our structure, and the juxtaposition is really something I find interesting.

This gives a different vibe to our shows, because we may not sound the same as the last show. I think these elements of chaos is what kinda brings everyone together. It’s like the progression of a teenager into adulthood, musically. You start out as a young kid only liking metal or punk, you grow up a little bit and start exploring more genres. At the same time I get to feel like a kid and jump around with all the simple aspects of metal or punk, and then mix that with the intellectualism of the avant-garde scene. It’s looking forward and back at the same time.

With all these grindcore bands playing big fests and bands like Napalm Death getting lots of press coverage, do you feel grindcore is more popular than it ever was?

To be honest I haven’t kept up with a whole lot of grindcore. There are very specific bands in grind core I like, such as Discordance Axis. It does make sense that it would get popular, though. Each generation the music has to get more extreme. People get desensitized to what was considered “not accessible” to people before them. Your father’s death metal or grindcore bands are no longer fast or heavy enough, so you have to do it faster, heavier or noisier… you have to step it up!

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RPM Is Looking For Hudson Valley Rap, Hip Hop, And R&B Artists

Pictured: Saul Williams, originally from Newburgh.

As we are going full throttle with RPM, we strive to create the most cohesive website based on the local music scene. To that end, we are looking for any and all underground rap and hip hop artists to come forward and send us their material. You can email with the subject “RAP MUSIC SHOWCASE” if you or someone you know may be interested in being interviewed and added to our local artists catalog.

Food for thought: Cage, who at one time rivaled Eminem and recently toured with The Smashing Pumpkins and Marilyn Manson, as well as the enigmatic industrial rapper Saul Williams (who rock fans might recognize from Nine Inch Nails songs), both pictured, are originally from Orange County.

Cage, originally from Middletown.

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Mariah Carey Claims She Was Sabotaged, Dick Clark Productions Responds

In a very fitting capoff to the year of 2016, Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve performance in Times Square went terribly awry when it appeared her lip synch track malfunctioned. The star seemingly decided to give up and unceremoniously walked off the stage after hardly delivering a note.

Carey later claimed in an interview with Billboard that she was the victim of behind the scenes sabotage, an accusation vehemently rebuked by the show organizer, Dick Clark Productions.

“As the premier producer of live television events for nearly 50 years, we pride ourselves on our reputation and long-standing relationships with artists. To suggest that DCP, as producer of music shows including the American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and Academy of Country Music Awards, would ever intentionally compromise the success of any artist is defamatory, outrageous and frankly absurd,” Dick Clark Productions said in a statement to CNN.  “In very rare instances there are of course technical errors that can occur with live television, however, an initial investigation has indicated that [Dick Clark Productions] had no involvement in the challenges associated with Ms. Carey’s New Year’s Eve performance. We want to be clear that we have the utmost respect for Ms. Carey as an artist and acknowledge her tremendous accomplishments in the industry.”

Well, this whole situation can’t get any weirder, can it? Carey was the top trending subject on Twitter following her controversial performance, with heated reactions from fans ranging from intensively supportive, to declaring her career as the “last casualty of 2016”. Check out the video of her performance below.

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Metallica & Slayer Fans Should Check Out DARK AFTER DAWN

Welcome to the first installment of RPM’s new Local Artists Spotlight, featuring in depth interviews with some of the Hudson Valley’s most promising up and coming musicians across all genres. If you or your band wish to be considered, please check out our SUBMISSIONS page.

Hailing from Orange County, metal act Dark After Dawn are blazing into 2017 with a brand new lineup and single to boot. Titled “Purgatory”, the track sounds like a classic metal track in every sense. The band are one of the most ambitious metal acts of the area, and have really hit the mark with this new lineup, wearing their influences yet possessing a sound totally of their own.

I recently spoke with frontman and rhythm guitarist Maruf Kamal, discussing recent developments in the band and what to expect in the future.

Check out “Purgatory” below and read on for Maruf’s thoughts!

Can you give me a little history of the band and its lineup?

I’m the only original member of the band left… I wrote the EP. For this song, “Purgatory”, there was the original demo with our initial guitarist, Adam Heubach. After he left, we redid it as part of an E.P. with our second guitarist, Martin. Now with our new lineup, the whole E.P. is being rerecorded as an album. Now, we have Connor Koch on bass, Conor Daly on lead guitar, and John Zambito on drums. I like to consider Conor Daly our original guitarist since he joined on the E.P. and recorded some solos.

But this line up is way different. It’s more like a band than it was back then. I’m working with really good friends of mine and dedicated musicians, we really push each other creatively.

What is “Purgatory” about? When can we expect the full album? 

Everyone has their own interpretation of it! Whatever it means to you. And that is to be determined, but expect in your face heavy songs and strong lyrical content!

Who are some of your main influences?

Metallica, Trivium, Slayer, Kreator, Lamb of God, Sepultura, Dissection. This is between all of us. We have been compared to Slayer meets Machine Head.

What are some of your favorite shows you have played? 

We have some good shows under our belt, like with Havok, Nekrogoblikon, Battlecross, black fast, Metal Church, Starkill.

Favorite local venues? 

The Loft in Poughkeepsie is pretty cool. That’s one. That, and The Belfry in Staten Island.

Finally, any other local acts that deserve notice? 

Vision Serpent, Everwar, Feed the Addiction, & St. Maria are all awesome.

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K104.7 Hosts Not So Silent Night at Legendary Chance Theater


On Saturday night the legendary Chance Theater played host to one of the hottest events of the year, hosted by local pop radio station, K104.7

The Morning Show of Woodman, Kate, Bill, Blackberry, Diva & Big Ang were out in full force to welcome this years “Not So Silent Night” concert. The lineup consisting of Hey Violet, Zay & Zayion, Zara Larsson, JoJo, Charli XCX, & Shaggy , made for a great day of entertainment and a sold out, all ages show.

The event began with pulsating beats and heavy bass lines from “Hey Violet” as they kicked off the night, sharing their favorite pop tunes with the crowd.

As the packed house roared and danced to welcome the artists
Who got them ready for Zay Hilfiger and Zayon McCall guys that sing the latest dance craze, ‘JuJu on that beat.’ You could see the whole crowd immersed in the dance, it was by far one of the highlights of the night. In fact, later in the VIP area, the two came out to hang out and gave exclusive performances and dances of the song with several groups of their fans- both young and not so young! In fact a certain someone may have made it to their instagram page while dancing with them,  but I won’t mention names. (Wink!)

Zara Larson wowed the crowd with her current hit, “Never Forget” and several others.
Next up was The youngest Billboard Pop artist to have a number one song at 13 years old, JoJo, who is from Massachusetts . Her soulful and powerful voice certainly captivated the crowd and left them wanting more.
The audience was still dancing and cheering and seemed to still be in high energy mode. Next up was Charli XCX, who is well know for her song , “Boom Clap” , which is from a favorite teen movie , “A Fault in our Stars,” came out scantily clad and was definitely the talk of the night. She is from the U.K. and is currently making her way up on the charts here in the States.

You could see the crowd at this point getting a little tired after going strong for about 5 hours, but there was one artist left that they were in anticipation of- Shaggy. The Jamaican born, reggae fusion singer and DJ. Brought his high energy performance to the stage and the crowd got back into full dance and sing along mode. Shaggy is famous for “Boombastic,” “Angel”, and “It wasn’t me.” In fact during the famous song, he had a special guest star Samantha Cole come out and sing her part of the song. When she did, the crowd roared with excitement!img_9326
I was lucky enough to spend some time with Samantha, who lives just outside of the Hudson Valley, over the Connecticut border, before she went on. She is a vocal coach and she’s working with some local talent who I’m sure we’ll hear from in the very near future.

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Pros & Icons

Pros & Icons aim for “Iconic”

Produced by: Meghan Hartnett


Formed in 2014, Pros & Icons is a locally made band based in New York City. The band considers themselves Pop/Rock but generally doesn’t like to label the sounds of their music. They write about heartbreak, success, failure, and the nostalgia of youth. Joseph Matando, a graduate of Mount Saint Mary College, is the lead singer. Lenny Morales and Nick Vaude are on guitar. Tyler O’Leary is on bass. And Nick Cardona is the drummer.

Since first taking the stage at Mount Saint Mary College in 2014, the group has played with big name musicians such as Meghan Trainor, Rita Ora, Jessie J, Shawn Mendes, Charlie XCX, Aaron Carter and many more. They’re local fame seemed to sky rocket after playing at the 2014 Jingle Ball as Z100’s Hometown Heroes!

With the success of the Jingle Ball, Pros & Icons continued to garner recognition with their covers and music videos on Facebook and Youtube. As of today (December 2016), Pros & Icons have managed a subscription base of 5,005 and over 750,000 views. Their first EP track IConography, released in 2014, can be listened to on their Youtube channel or on their Spotify Channel or bought on itunes!

They are currently working on their second album and are eager to release it! In the meantime, they have no upcoming shows, but have been busy on social media and continue to release cover songs on youtube!

You can find Pros & Icons at any of the Social Media links below:

Website –

Facebook –

Youtube –

Instagram –

Twitter –

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Iconic Rock Pioneer Greg Lake Dies at 69

hqdefault-1Guitarist Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake and Palmer is dead. The British musician died Wednesday at the age of 69 after a long battle with cancer. Lake is known as a progressive rock pioneer both as a founder of King Crimson and the 70’s supergroup ELP. The band’s top five albums include “Tarkus,” “Trilogy” and “Brain Salad Surgery.”

“We wanted to try and move things forward and do something new and break boundaries”, Lake was quoted as saying.2811152587_5113fed032

Lake’s bandmate and drummer Carl Palmer said “Greg’s soaring voice and skill as a musician will be remembered by all who knew his music and recordings.”

69c161a926285f1d21432ee7fc59baf3ELP keyboardist Keith Emerson died earlier this year.

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Rock & Roll Flea Market

By Paula Mitchell for RPM on

KINGSTON—Chris Orlando got the idea for a rock-and-roll flea market years ago when he met regularly with a group of artists in New York City.
More than 60 vendors came out to the flea market at the Andy Murphy Midtown Neighborhood Center in Kingston.
“We got together once a month to discuss projects and things to work on, and I always wanted to do that in Kingston – getting artists together to share ideas and discuss shows and learn from each other,” he said.

Such was the impetus behind the Rock N’ Roll Flea Market, which happened on Sunday at the Andy Murphy Midtown Neighborhood Center on Broadway.

Vendors came to Kingston from as far away as New Jersey to display their wares that included everything from vintage vinyl to rock-themed T-shirts, collectibles, memorabilia, Christmas ornaments and gadgets.

“You can find everything from handmade artwork to 80’s pop culture ornaments with artists like Billy Idol, so you can get things you won’t even find on eBay,” said Orlando, the event promoter.


Photo by Paula Mitchell

Rare vinyl albums were some of the treasures shoppers sought at the 4th annual Rock N’ Roll Flea Market in Kingston on Sunday.
A steady flow of customers seemed to sense that. They made their rounds in the morning and shuffled through old albums, with many looking to pick up or sell rare rock records.

Dave Steen of Pine Bush was one of them. The collector carried in two cases of what he called “holy grail” records.

“I have the holy grail of ZZ Top. People don’t know that their first singles after a Jimi Hendrix guitar lesson….were called ‘Salt Lick’ and ‘Miller’s Farm’ on two labels.

“My holy grail of Led Zeppelin is the promo for ‘Whole Lotta Love’ on one side and King Curtis on the other, which is on the Atco label,” Steen said, taking out the 45 RPM records to prove he had the goods.

According to the collector, the combined value of both cases was somewhere around $1,500.

While shoppers weren’t necessarily looking to pay that much for the people on their Christmas lists, they were nonetheless taking their time, looking for hip and obscure items.

Anastasia Wasko was among those with an alluring display. The Kingston woman featured hand-crafted scarves and hats as well as edgy jewelry and tree ornaments.


Photo by Paula Mitchell

“They all have this sort of whimsical, glittery and gaudy skeleton-like quality to them,” she said.

“It’s a look. It’s an aesthetic. Rock n’ roll is kind of like do your own thing. That’s what it’s all about.”

The artist said she was glad to be a part and felt at home in the show that was in her backyard.

“This is my people. It’s a nice flea market, where I know that the people who are going to come and shop might dress like me and listen to the same music.

“There are a lot of different markets, where my styles don’t necessarily fit, but this one definitely does, and it’s Kingston, so I’m so happy that this Rock n’ Roll flea market is my home show,” she said.

This was the fourth year that Orlando brought the event to Kingston.

The owner of Rosendale Retro, a pop-up shop that sells magnets, mugs and key chains at comic con and horror conventions throughout the United States, said he expected up to 1,000 visitors to pass through on Sunday.

Most of the proceeds from the $3 admission fee went to the Ulster County SPCA.

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