Fans Of U2 & Pearl Jam Should Check Out IKO

The Hudson Valley’s own Jeff Iko seems to have led a low key career so far, but with a new record coming in the near future, that all may change for the talented singer-songwriter.

Jeff’s sound draws from several stadium rock bands, both classic and contemporary. “I currently listen to Kings of Leon… I think they’re great. On my current album you’ll hear influences by U2, Pearl Jam, Hendrix…

Jeff says to keep on the lookout for a new album. “Haven’t even decided on a title for it yet! But there should be nine songs on their six are currently complete. We may do one bonus!” In the meantime, check out some of his already released material via his Soundcloud below, starting with “Red, White & Blue”.

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Fans Of Amy Winehouse & Lady Gaga Should Check Out KAY

Kayla Barone, best known as Kay, is an 18 year old singer/songwriter originally from Lagrangeville, NY. One of the Hudson Valley’s most aspiring pop stars, Kay says she is always writing new material, recording, performing, competing, and collaborating with other artists. She engages heavily on social media to build up her grassroots following, and it seems to be paying off nicely so far.

You can check out a brief interview with Kay below, listen to her song “Lullaby”, and be sure to check out her various social medias if you like what you hear!

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

As a soulful, jazzy-pop vocalist, with influences from Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Rey, and Lady Gaga, I like to stick to my dark and mysterious side, despite the upbeat vibe of the music.

How has your career momentum been going? The Hudson Valley doesn’t have too many aspiring pop stars!

I have been blessed with a variety of amazing opportunities already throughout my career. However in 2016, things began to build upon themselves. My single, “Lullaby” is capturing the hearts of fans everywhere, and is loved by many industry elite. Also, with more than 40 performances all across the Tri-State area and beyond in just the past year, I’ve electrified crowds, entertaining for tens of thousands at some of the biggest festivals in NY and NJ. My dedication earned my work to be featured in several films and television shows over the past few years.

What can fans of Kay expect from you in the future?

2017 is underway with a full calendar of performances, and new music soon to hit the speakers! I believe from the bottom of my heart, that the combination of my uniqueness, style, and work ethic will help me to accomplish all goals.

Instagram: krbmusic

Soundcloud: Kayla Barone

You now: krbmusic

Youtube: Kayla Barone

Twitter: musickrb

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Fans Of The Beatles & The Black Keys Should Check Out HARMONY ROAD

Harmony Road is part of the thriving cover music scene in the Hudson Valley, originating from Croton on Hudson. Read on for a brief interview with guitarist Joe Adami (who also has his own solo act) and check out a video from their recent performance at Alchemy Post Sound.

Can you give us a bit of a background of the band?

We are Harmony Road, a 6 piece band from Croton on Hudson that performs all over Westchester and the surrounding area. The consists of Frank Corrado on guitar, keyboards, sax and vocals, Joe Adami on guitar and vocals, George Angelini on drums, Jimmy ward on bass and vocals, Brian Aspinwall on Trumpet, and Joe Picianno on sax. The band has been together for 7 years and our music has evolved into an eclectic mix of great songs from
many different eras.

What kinds of stuff do you cover?

From Sinatra and Ray Charles to The Beatles, The Stray Cats, Hosier and The Black Keys, we cover everything from blues to swing and Motown. If it has a great groove, we love to play it.

What can we expect from Harmony Road in the near future?

This month we’ll be performing in Cortland, Fishkill, Cold Spring and at The Hudson Room in Peekskill!

A 5 piece band playing great covers of the best music.
Carl Perkins to Brian Setzer;
Stevie Ray Vaughn to the Beatles, Squeeze and The Talking Heads
We play blues, pop and dance music spanning Summertime Blues to Stormy Monday to
Rock This Town to Life During Wartime

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Fans Of Bon Jovi & Kip Moore Should Check Out STEVE COHEN

Hudson Valley artist Steve Cohen  is an aspiring artist that blends the Americana sensibilities of heartland rock and country music with the anthemic melodies of stadium rock. Based out of Dutchess County, you can expect new music from Cohen this year; you can check out Cohen’s song “Sweet Dreams” below, and you can find several more on his Soundcloud account, as well as a video for his single “Back to Me”. Read on for a brief interview with Cohen, who surprisingly never learned to play guitar until he was 23. Maybe it’s not too late for me!

Can you give us a little background on who you are and what you do?

I’m from Long Island. My family moved to the Hudson Valley over 25 years ago and I currently reside in Beacon. When I was 13 years old, my parents bought me a guitar that I never learned to play. Nearly a decade later (with the encouragement of a friend), I decided to learn how to play and began writing original music. I currently write music with my songwriting partner, Jessica Klee. When I’m not playing music, I am a high school Spanish teacher.

Who would you say influenced you as a musician the most?

I have several musical influences. However my two biggest ones have been Bon Jovi and country artist Kip Moore. I admire them for not only their abilities as musicians, but also for their incredible songwriting. Their songs inspire me to continue working on my craft.

What can your fans expect from you in the future?

I’m currently working on a new single called “Pray” which should be released this spring, as well as my e.p. titled “Moving On”. We are shooting for a summer release for the E.P.!


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Metallica Ask Fans To End Show: ‘We Don’t Sound Good’

Despite coming out of one of their biggest years in recent memory, Metallica were not in top form in Copenhagen. Fans who attended the show claimed singer/guitarist James Hetfield had the flu, and so the band’s sound suffered.

Hetfield almost cancelled mid concert, but kept going due to the passion and support of his fans. Brett Buchanan from Alternative Nation transcribed the comments.

Hetfield said, “It’s not fair to you guys man, you paid a lot of money to come hear your favorite band, and we don’t sound good. I’m going to leave it up to you man. Would you rather hear us sound better another time?”

Fans cheered, encouraging the band to keep going.

Hetfield responded, “I love you too, I appreciate that. I want to stop, what do you say?”

After fans started cheering, Hetfield continued: “Okay. You asked for it, alright. I’ll keep doing my best, alright. I appreciate you guys so much, thank you for supporting us.”


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RPM Is Looking For Hudson Valley Musicians To Showcase!

RPM is looking to provide a comprehensive guide to all things pertaining to the Hudson Valley music scene. We want to hear from you: what bands, events, and venues need coverage? We have provided some in-depth interviews with local artists such as Shlomo Franklin and Dark After Dawn.

Email if you are interested in being covered on our website, which will only grow from this point on.

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Beyonce Expecting Twins With Jay Z

Despite Beyonce’s 2016 blockbuster Lemonade expressing heartache over her relationship with the famous rapper, the couple appears to be going strong… and have announced that they are expecting twins.

“We would like to share our love and happiness,” the power couple wrote to their fans. “We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes.”

Beyonce is currently nominated for nine different Grammy awards stemming from the massively successful Lemonade. It is currently unknown if the pregnancy will affect her ability to attend the ceremony on the 9th.

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Legendary Asia & King Crimson Member Dead At 67

More sad news to report today as bassist and singer John Wetton, a founding member of Asia and Kim Crimson alumni, has died of colon cancer at the age of 67.

Asia drummer Carl Palmer wrote: “John was a gentle person who created some of the most lasting melodies and lyrics in modern popular music. As a musician, he was both brave and innovative, with a voice that took the music of Asia to the top of the charts around the world. His ability to triumph over alcohol abuse made him an inspiration to many who have also fought that battle. For those of us who knew him and worked with him, his valiant struggle against cancer was a further inspiration. I will miss his talent, his sense of humor and his infectious smile.”

RPM’s Lynette has this to say on John’s passing: How can you not remember Asia ? Such a sad loss, but he definitely left behind some great memories. Thank you for the music!

Wetton is survived by a loving family including his wife Lisa, son Dylan, brother Robert and mother Peggy.

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Watch Soundgarden Perform In Poughkeepsie

The Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie has been a staple of the local music scene for decades, having seen greats like David Bowie, Bob Dylan, and Bon Jovi grace their stage and give intimate performances.

A young band from Seattle named Soundgarden played at The Chance Theater in 1990, in the year before their breakthrough success in 1991 with their grunge classic Badmotorfinger. Of course, Soundgarden would end up becoming one of the most influential bands of the 90’s, and frontman Chris Cornell would also go on to have a successful solo career and two tenures in the band Audioslave. Drummer Matt Cameron later joined fellow Seattle band Pearl Jam after Soundgarden’s initial breakup.

Check out this rare video of Soundgarden performing some of their earliest/heaviest material in Poughkeepsie below!

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Slayer Address Donald Trump Controversy

Legendary metal act Slayer recently attracted some controversy when their frontman, Tom Araya, posted a photoshopped image of the band with President Donald J. Trump on Instagram. The image was promptly removed after the backlash; in response, Araya reposted the image with the following caption:

Believe it or not this picture was posted by me Tom Araya on 1/20 cause I thought it was funny … I was amazed at the comments about the picture some positive some negative more amazing was in 2 hours there was 10,000 likes … But i never would have guessed that there where so many snowflakes commenting their distaste for the new president. Like him or not he is the president … woke up the next morning and found someone had deleted the post … can some one please explain why…?

Rolling Stone Magazine reached out to the rest of the band for comment, who responded with the following:”As was verified by Tom, this was his post, is not something the band would have posted if asked, and does not belong on a Slayer social page. We all have our personal opinions, some of which we have voiced in the past, but Slayer has never endorsed any political party or any candidate, and the band intends to keep it that way.”


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