A Day To Remember & Asking Alexandria Fans Should Check Out FEED THE ADDICTION

Feed the Addiction is a local metalcore act that consists of Ryan Gilmartin on vocals, Riley Crispell on drums, Sean Martin on bass, Ryan McCabe on guitar, and Mike Vondras on guitar.

From the band themselves:

Feed The Addiction was formed in October 2010 by friends Ryan Gilmartin (vocals, guitar), Riley Crispell (drums), Sean Martin (bass) and Mike Vondras (guitar). Originally, the group would spend hours just jamming on their instruments or covering their favorite songs. The sounds of various A Day to Remember, Asking Alexandria, and Of Mice & Men songs were frequent at practices. Eventually, the group would graduate from strictly covers, to creating and composing their own Melodic Metalcore style of music.
Although the early days of FTA we’re filled with fun and promise, as is the case in many situations, the group would face tremendous challenges over the years to come. As the group began to evolve, the band and guitarist Mike mutually split ways early in 2013. This would begin a long two-year period where Feed The Addiction was a three-piece. During this time, the band entered the studio twice (2013, 2014) and has gone on to play at notable venues The Loft, The Chance, Sounds Asylum/The Skyline Event Center, and Webster Hall in New York City the groups’ biggest show to date.
In  2015, the band added guitarist Ryan McCabe to its roster while also re-grouping with Mike, moving Ryan to vocalist. This addition not only added another piece to the band, but also created a more complex, unique element to its sound.

You can listen to the band’s record Lying Through Your Teeth below and read Riley’s brief thoughts on the local music scene .

What are some of your favorite Hudson Valley venues to play? 

The Loft, The Chance. We love the energy that is at My Place Pizza. We also loved playing the skyline in Middletown when it was open.

Any local artists you’d like to give a shout out to?

Valatie Kills, Dark After Dawn, Home Seeker, and If I Were You.