Metallica Ask Fans To End Show: ‘We Don’t Sound Good’

Despite coming out of one of their biggest years in recent memory, Metallica were not in top form in Copenhagen. Fans who attended the show claimed singer/guitarist James Hetfield had the flu, and so the band’s sound suffered.

Hetfield almost cancelled mid concert, but kept going due to the passion and support of his fans. Brett Buchanan from Alternative Nation transcribed the comments.

Hetfield said, “It’s not fair to you guys man, you paid a lot of money to come hear your favorite band, and we don’t sound good. I’m going to leave it up to you man. Would you rather hear us sound better another time?”

Fans cheered, encouraging the band to keep going.

Hetfield responded, “I love you too, I appreciate that. I want to stop, what do you say?”

After fans started cheering, Hetfield continued: “Okay. You asked for it, alright. I’ll keep doing my best, alright. I appreciate you guys so much, thank you for supporting us.”