What’s Going On?

 Date Time Band/Musician Venue City
01/25/201707:00 PMThe Band of HeathensDaryl's House ClubPawling
01/26/201707:00 PMCaitlin CaporaleFalcon (The)Marlboro
01/26/201707:30 PMJudith Tulloch Band plus Soul PurposeTowne Crier CafeBeacon
01/26/201708:00 PMAmish OutlawsDaryl's House ClubPawling
01/27/201704:00 PMFrank Rochetti Memorial ConcertFalcon (The)Marlboro
01/27/201708:30 PMDONNA THE BUFFALO; with special guest Lipbone ReddingTowne Crier CafeBeacon
01/27/201708:00 PMGreen River, The Ultimate Creedence TributeDaryl's House ClubPawling
01/27/201706:00 AMJason Gisser Band plus special guestsChance TheaterPoughkeepsie
01/28/201707:00 PMLos Thujones & Vic Ruggiero (of the Slackers) The Falcon UndergroundFalcon (The)Marlboro
01/28/201708:30 PMRoomful of BluesTowne Crier CafeBeacon
01/28/201708:00 PMRonnie Earl & The BroadcastersDaryl's House ClubPawling
01/28/201707:00 PM3 Up 3 Down, I Don't Know (Ozzy Tribute)Chance TheaterPoughkeepsie
01/29/201710:00 AMAkie BermissFalcon (The)Marlboro
01/29/201707:30 PMTHE FLURRIES; also JOE DURAES & THE SKILLSTowne Crier CafeBeacon
01/29/201707:00 PMWill HogeDaryl's House ClubPawling
02/02/201707:00 PMThe TrappsFalcon (The)Marlboro
02/02/201707:30 PMBOB MALONE; also MARC VON EMTowne Crier CafeBeacon
02/03/201708:30 PMAn Evening with RUBBER SOUL: All Beatles. All the time!Towne Crier CafeBeacon
02/04/201708:30 PM"Sisters Of Slide": RORY BLOCK & CINDY CASHDOLLARTowne Crier CafeBeacon
02/04/201707:30 PM"Dr. Dirty" John ValbyChance TheaterPoughkeepsie
02/10/201708:30 PMRICHARD SHINDELLTowne Crier CafeBeacon
02/11/201708:30 PMMARY FAHL, former lead singer of October ProjectTowne Crier CafeBeacon
02/11/201707:30 PMAlive '75, School's Out (Alice Cooper Tribute)Chance TheaterPoughkeepsie
02/17/201707:00 PMMayhem, Inquisition, Black AnvilChance TheaterPoughkeepsie
02/18/201708:30 PMJOE LOUIS WALKER Band Grammy Nomination Party!Towne Crier CafeBeacon
02/18/201707:30 PMWildside (Motley Crue tribute), Saving Athens, Heavy GaugeChance TheaterPoughkeepsie
02/24/201708:30 PMERIC GALES BAND; with special guest Patrick Stanfield JonesTowne Crier CafeBeacon
02/24/201707:00 PMRodney Atkins, Hillbilly Parade, Black Dirt Bandits, Nikki BriarChance TheaterPoughkeepsie
02/25/201709:00 PMEMO NIGHTChance TheaterPoughkeepsie
03/11/201706:30 PMUli Jon Roth, Fred Zeppelin, Kristen CapolinoChance TheaterPoughkeepsie
04/28/201707:00 PMY&T, Loudness, Tango Down, LivesayChance TheaterPoughkeepsie
05/26/201707:00 PMHed (PE), Motorgrater, RemedyChance TheaterPoughkeepsie
06/03/201707:00 PMMichael SweetChance TheaterPoughkeepsie
 Date Time Band/Musician Venue City

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